First Post! again...

Data Science Mar 08, 2018

I accidentally deleted my real first post because I had no clue what I was doing with git! I did a git reset --hard after initializing and git add-ing my Ghost content directory. After reading into it more, apparently that command will delete everything in the stage and working dierctory. I have a lot to learn about git.
So, I am going to try to re-capture my intents for my site.

Mission Statement

I want to create this site to give back to the web that has helped me so much with work and life. I rely on resources far and wide to do just about everything more efficiently, and I believe when I find or make a better way I should return the favor.

I also want to do some shameless self-promoting. I am a Data Scientist and want to put my name out there and help innovate across industries.

For me, the site will help to:

  • Bubble-up ideas to present to a wide audience. I create a lot of content, but it just about always remains hidden in a shared folder somewhere. I want accountability to take the content, generalize it, and then better communicate the business-related outcomes.
  • Formalize thought processes. I have been doing a lot of deep thinking on how I can contribute at work. My notes are a scattershot of half-baked thoughts and ideas. I want someplace where I have to put them into full sentences.
  • Have some fun! I like to travel and the consulting lifestyle calls for a lot of it. I want to be able to share some of the food, culture, and character of the different areas I visit.

Matt in front of a lake

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